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The Usual Suspects

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Concrete Blonde

Well when I've had enough
I'll get a pick-up truck
And I'll drive away,
I'll take my last ten bucks
Just as far as it will go

Well sometimes I'm easily fooled,
Take a painful step
And I get knocked back two
I do all I can and it's all
I can do to be true

And if I had the choice
I'd take the voice I got
Cause it was hard to find
You know I've come too far
To wind up right back where I started
And they tell me who I should be,
I'll never let those monkeys
Make a mess of me
I am who I am
And it's all I can do,
But I'm true

One more sunrise
Open my eyes up - true
One more sunset
Lay my head down - true

They talk you up
And then they talk you down
And you begin to doubt
Sometimes the reasons
Seem so very far away
But I'd stop breathing today,
Cause if I can't walk proud,
I'd rather walk away
I do all I am and
It's all I can do,
But I'm true

I'd give all I am and I'd give it to you

I'd give all I am and I'd give it to you...

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